Cheval elevage
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Find used riding equipment !

Buying a new saddle can be very expensive especially if you demand quality. However, there is a way to solve this problem. Having good quality stools and prestigious brand is quite possible. Welcome to the world of used saddles!

Best used stool equipment online

The specialist of the sale of used saddles is on line. The equitack upholstery has acquired several years of experience in the field of trade of second hand accessories for horses. And to find quality at low prices, do not hesitate to visit their website. By browsing on their pages, the customer will certainly be satisfied because the articles presented there are only from the major brands. Equitack is the main dealer of first and second hand stools of the great trade giants in the field of riding. As for the quality, there is no worry to have since these stools are still very solid and robust. And to realize it, the customer will have the right to test the product for 7 days before finalizing the sale. If you want to buy second-hand saddles, you are on the right track at Equitack.

Buy a used seat at a better price

With all the saddle brands that exist on the market, the customer is often lost. And it's hard to trust a little-known brand. And price issue, the majority of buyers can not afford these types of saddle because their budget is limited. The saddles used seem to be a good compromise but you have to be very selective because some are of very poor quality. The Equitack upholstery offers the solution to avoid these problems: cheap saddles of good brand. If one buys the saddles to nearly 4000 euros on exiting the factory, those already used cost only 1500 to 2000 euros at the most. It is a very good investment to make for those who want to have the saddle that suits them and which is within the limits of the budgets without, however, the quality is lacking.